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Fruitvale Station: Shocking and Sad because its true #movies #reviews

The sheet shock value of the factual parts of Fruitvale station will move you, its both sad and maddening.  The move was great. You almost dont want to believe the coincidences involved and how real the story was.  They didnt try to portray the main character as perfectly innocent, which is why the real tragedy of the real events hits you hard

definitely worth seeing!   And i think Michael B. Jordan was great..he was good in Friday Night Lights and has a bright future




A Good Day to Die Hard: Big awkward let down! And i really wanted to like it #movies #reviews


Let me just say first, im a HUGE fan of the Die Hard series and of Bruce Willis.  I thought the previous Live Free or Die Hard was awesome!  So coming into A Good Day to Die Hard, i really expected at least that good of an experience.

But sadly everything was off on this movie

From awkward unnecessary scenes like when McClain is in the taxi having what seems like the longest most awkward pause filled converation ever, to the fact that without reacting normaly or questioning anything, he just jumps right into action and steals a truck and all kinds of random stuff.

Actually i think one moment really ruined it in the beginning, when McClain first punches a guy on the street- they used the most cheesy cartoon punch effect ive ever heard! it was a joke!

The whole movie had way too much awkward pause, and sadly very little chemistry between father and son ..and no real flow to the story or action

Im disappointed for bruce on this one



Warm Bodies: Slow boring first half killed this for me #movies

I had high hopes for this movie..the idea of a zombie romantic comedy made me think back to amazing movies like Zombieland.

To be honest this was a pure execution failure.  The entire first half of the movie was so ridiculously slow, i think i heard half of the theater sleeping.  Actually more like first 70 percent of the movie.

It only picked up in the very last 20 minutes.  There should have been much more funny zombie stuff, and they should have moved the story along much faster. A great cast was wasted here.