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Archive for July, 2007

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry- funny

 This was funny..but a bit gross sometimes
Jessical Biel looks amazing in this..wow…its worth seeing just for that. But Adam Sandler and Kevin James make a great tag team..they are great….so its  a good laugh

1408- waste of time and money sadly

Well im sad that 1408 was bad.  Im always hoping for a good scary movie especially about ghosts…and with John Cusack..i had high hopes.
But the movie was a let down.  Wasnt very scary…wasnt enough real ghost/haunting scenes…and really wasnt all that entertaining.
Dont waste your money to even rent this one..wait till it gets on scifi one day.
Im keeping my fingers crossed for I am Legend with Will Smith..and 30 Days of Night

Transformers- Michael Bay got it right! WOW

Wow, thats all i can say.  My jaw was litterally dropped most the time during transformers.  From the opening sequence through the whole movie..non stop action..and amazing special effects.
It was really perfectly done…great story line..and kept to some of the original concepts.
This movie is going to do really well..and give harry potter a run for its money!  GO SEE IT

Live Free or Die Hard-Bruce has still got it!

Live Free or Die hard..didnt disappoint!  It had great action the entire time..really kept you interested and didnt slow down.  Plus it was funny.  The weird kid from the apple commercials is in it..and is fairly funny.
My only problem with it is that as over the top as most the action sequences are..the one with the fighter jet is just a bit too much.
You’ll see what i mean.
But I do recommend you go see this..all u die hard fans will not be disappointed.