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Shooter- decent action..but missing something

I like Mark Wahlberg these days.  He’s come far from being Marky mark.  Heck now’s he’s an Oscar nominated actor! ..and created Entourage on HBO and had some great movies.
I saw Shooter and even though i did like it and thought it was good..i felt like something was missing throughout the movie.
I think the issue was that everytime there was action..i wanted a bit more…and the whole movie kept drawing up to climaxes but felt like each time the scenes were missing something.
Also Rhona Mitra is in it..and has a wierd role that only plays out a few parts then disappears.  The ending too..didnt close off some loose ends..and that gets to me sometimes with movies.
Definitely a rental..and if ur an action, mark wahlberg fan..worth seeing in theater.  but otherwise wait for the DVD.

The Namesake- go see it

The Namesake- wow , really well done..deep movie that i think everyone should see.
Not because it characterizes every single indian person and family..but because its just a plain good movie.  There are lots of things that remind me of my own family and life for sure…but of course there are lots that dont…its based on a North Indian/Hindu family so im not up on some of the things/ceremonies that were in it.
But anyways..I think it was truly a great movie.  And Kal Penn wasnt bad in it!  Ive never been a fan of his actually.  He always does stupid movies and plays the typical indian with an accent type role…and even in Superman Returns all his lines were cut!  But this movie was the right choice for him.
Beware the movie is a bit sad…but worth it
Let me know what you think!

I think I Love my Wife- Funny–but not for kids

The new Chris Rock movie "I think I love my wife" was pretty funny.  Saw it this weekend with some friends.  It was a good movie..and i liked it because we havent had a Chris Rock movie in a while.
Its funny but beware..its definitely not for kids.  You would would think i wouldnt have to say that..but in the theater after the first joke about sex..im lookin around and some idiots actually brought their kids to this rated R movie. 
Ah well..there are definitely some really good funny parts in the movie..and lots that you dont see in the preview (a very good thing).  Plus its actually got a very good storyline.
BTW Steve Bucemi is in it! he’s been kinda off the radar for a while (had a brief stint on Sopranos a few yrs ago)..but he’s really pretty hilarious in it!

Zodiac- Creepy because its true…and a good movie

Zodiac was a good movie.  If you like mysteries, and suspense/killer movies…this is one you can’t miss.
The thing that is so creepy..is that the movie is based on case files from the actual murders and is basically completely true story.  Its really dark in that sense..and really creepy that this didnt happen so long ago…and as everyone knows…the killer may not have ever been truly identified.
Mark Rufalo is in this..playing a cop (something he seems to do a lot BTW) ..he was the cop in Collateral and a few other movies.
Anyways..is not bad in his role. 
Check it out..worth seein. 

300 was amazing- see it now!

I left the 300 wanting to go workout immediately!
Ive been waiting for this movie since I first heard that awesome song with the trailer.
And was worth the wait!
It was gritty, bloody, great battle scenes..and the imagery and art used in the film was really cool. Its very unique..a lot like Sin City…they kept lots of backgrounds and scenes  of the movie almost like a comic. There is even a good almost poetic narration with a natural rising emotion to it..that is really interesting.
I’ve also been a huge fan of Gerard Butler since he played Atilla on TNT a few years ago. He’s had some crappy movies since then…like Tomb Raider…and Timeline…but WOW he’s just become a huge star with 300.
I’ll be seeing this again before it leaves theaters…and buying it as soon as i can.
two brown thumbs way up

Black Snake Moan- different, but good

Who doesnt love Samuel L. Jackson in any movie he does
Black Snake Moan was different.  It felt almost Tarantino.
It was dark, some real funny parts, mixed in with drama…that wasn’t so bad.  I liked it…and would recommend it.
Only issue i had with it is that Justin Timberlake is in it.  Why i have no clue…he shouldnt be acting or trying to. But oh well.
Definitely worth seeing.