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Limitless- cool movie with cool premise!


Limitless was lots of fun! Really unique premise and a great movie that makes us all wish there was a real pill like in the movie!

I did like the action..and the whole “being one step ahead” of the other guy game.  Brad Cooper was great in this..and i liked the ending a lot..i hate it when movies dont really have an ending or close things off..this ending was great.

It also has some of the most unique visuals/photography ive ever seen..this type of a zoom view of the streets of new york that hasnt been used in film that i know of..it was VERY cool..and happens in the opening and in the movie.


Go check it out!




Lincoln Lawyer- WOW awesome movie with a bad trailer!

The trailer for Lincoln Lawyer did NOT do it justice! I mean i almost didnt see it..because when i saw the trailer i literally thought it was going to be super boring. Luckily i saw it..and it turned out to be a GREAT movie!  Matt McConaughey was perfect in this role!  The movie had lots of action..lots of legal drama….and some good twsits.

Plus i have to say i thought Trace Adkins was perfect in his minor role as a biker guy…and i was kinda surprised that Michael Pare was in it!  Most people dont know him but i was a fan of his work when i was a kid.. the werewofl movie Bad Moon, and Streets of Fire.  Glad he got a minor role in this.

Anyway..this movie is proof that the Trailer can make or break a film…it literally told you nothing of the real movie and the real plot twists.


Go see this now



Red Riding Hood- not as bad as i thought- good twist!

I gotta say..even though Red Riding hood got some bad reviews..and was a bit more like Twilight and Chick Flicky…i liked it.  I went in with very low expectations. Usually im a big fan of any supernatural movies..especially werewolf movies..but you have to do them right. I hated Wolfman..but Red Riding hood was good!  The werewolf was done really well in terms of strength/speed size etc.

Plus there were some really good plot twists..its one of those movies that keeps you guessing the whole time of “who is the werewolf”..and had a great surprise ending/twist

So worth seeing



Battle Los Angeles- awesome sci fi action!!

Go See Battle Los Angeles!  Its non stop action..really well done alien invasion story ..of course its very similar to the movie Skyline released last year..but wow it does everything right that movie did wrong.  Including having a good ending and plot.

Im a huge fan of Aaron Eckhart..im glad he is getting more and more great movies under his belt.

Those of you that love sci fi battle movies..you will love this…it felt very similar look/feel wise to District 9..which i loved

Go see this now!


Drive Angry 3D- purposeful cheese, but not the great kind

Well i was one of the few people that saw Drive Angry 3D.  First of all, no matter what others think of lots of his movies..im a Nic Cage fan.  And yes i say that knowing that some of his movies are horrible.

That said..Drive Angry was not one of his best movies..i didnt hate it ..but i didnt love it either.  There was some fun action in it..and of course it was meant to be super cheesy.

The 3D was really unique because it was shot in 3D but unless you see it in an imax experience or very very nice theater..its wasted on crappy screens.

If you are up for some action, car chases..and some cheese a la grindhouse go rent this or netflix it…keep your expectations super super low