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Curious Case of Benjamin Button–really long but pretty enjoyable

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was a long movie…..but it was good too.  Realy engaging odd story…that although seemed a bit slow at times..had just enough to keep you awake and intrigued …I liked it…although i found the ending just plain wierd…just not in a bad way…more a creep way.
Definitely go see it..its a unique movie and i think you’ll like it.
It reminded me a lot of Big Fish

Gran Torino- Clint’s still got it!

Gran Torino really was a great movie.  Im amazed at how Clint Eastwood is still acting and directing and doing so well at it still.
The movie was laugh out loud funny at times…because of the funny things the racist character that Clint plays says and does…but the movie does it in a way that you dont walk away offended.  Also it has a great story in the end..
My only wish was that he actually drove and used the Gran Torino in the movie ..which he doesnt.
Go see it..you’ll def enjoy it.

BOLT- pretty good ..the hamster steals the show!

Bolt was good…some decent funny parts..and great animation.
The funny thing is…the hamster is like the best part of the movie!  i wouldnt be surprised if we see a spinoff some day.
I think it was dumb to have Miley Cyrus associated with this movie..her voice could be any joe shmo off the street.  Made no sense or diff whatsoever….just a sign of ht times i guess  they thought it would be huge to have her voice the girl.  
But its one of those kids movies that adults can enjoy and have a good laugh..so check it out

The day the Earth Stood Still-NOT as bad as critics say..of course

Yet again..critics over did it trying to bash this movie.  I actually liked the Day the Earth Stood Still.  Im a fan of Jennifer connelly and Keanu Reeves.  The only funny thing was i really didnt like Will Smith’s son in this movie…you could see they made it a stretch to add him into the story and it just came across as annoying..but hey maybe he’s that good..his role was to be a little annoying kid.
I just wish the movie was a bit longer and had some more action.   But what it does do is make you think…you gotta hope our gov’t doesnt act like the gov’t in the movie if something like this ever happened to us !
Go see it..keep expectations low..and you’ll be ok
THE BEST PART:  The new Wolverine movie trailer plays in front of it..it was AWESOME!!

Transporter 3- what you expect, so not bad

I simply like the Transporter movies..u know ur gonna see some cool driving and good fight scenes.  And this latest one didnt fail me.
Im a big fan of Jason Statham….he’s a bad ass.  This was just like the other movies. of course plot line wise…but hey you get what you expect.
So go enjoy if ur a fan of the series and storyline…if not i dont suggest it