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Robin Hood- good- despite critics again

I liked Robin Hood, i seriously just dont get critics sometimes.  It was a bit like Gladiator with bows and arrows..which to me is a good thing!   Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett were great in it …there was decent action…and a few funny moments.

Mark Strong- one of my new favorite actors was in it too..sporting his Sherlock Holmes shaved head.  A couple of things that i liked that some may have missed.

If you saw Kingdom of Heaven (one of the best and most underrated films ever from Ridley Scott), you remember at the end Richard the Lion heart shows up…well this Robin Hood is the story that kicks off when he returns to England..its the backstory of Robin Hood really before he becomes the outlaw.

The cast was great..although William Hurt was completely underrused..he is always great..and could have used more screen time.

My only real critque is that in the beginning part, its a bit hard to follow between the jumps to diff cities..and following the early part of the story due to the text narrative etc.

Go see it..enjoy…forget about the critics



Nightmare on Elm Street- not scary anymore, not as good as orig

Its too bad that the new Nightmare on Elm Street wasnt good…i really like that they tried to remake it..and really liked Jackie Earle Heely as freddy…BUT  it simply was NOT scary.  I remember these movies from back in the day scaring the crap out of my and my brother and sister…Freddy was the reason so many of us were scared of the dark.

So maybe i had high hopes for this movie..or maybe its meant for people that never saw the original…frankly this version was really just a bunch of jumps and some slashing/killing..but i didnt find any of it scary at all.

They also wasted Connie Briton in the cast..she’s great in Friday night Lights…

Dont waste your time seeing this one..not worth it


The Losers- great cast but wasted, and not funny enough

The whole team of guys action/comedy genre is a tough one.  Its hard to balance the right amount of action..with the right amount of actual comedy.

The Losers suffered from this.  They tried too hard to go to comedy a few times..but that comedy wasnt edgy and wasnt funny…even at the end when they randomly add some footage.you walk away like "why did they add that at the credits ..it wasnt even funny"

Some of the action is good…and Chris Evans did his quirky human torch personality from Fantastic Four well….but quite a few of the explosion scenes and action came off a bit cheesy.

Wait for the DVD..and go watch A-team and The Expendables..lets hope they know how to pull off the "team of guys" action flick a bit better.


IronMan 2- Great as expected, awesome action

IronMan 2 was great!  And NO– dont listen to the critics.  So what if its not as great as the first one..of course i wouldnt expect it to be like any sequel..but it was still really really good. 

The action was really good..i loved the addition of more bad guys..and Mickey Rourke was great in his role!  Im glad he’s revived his acting career.

I have to say ..Don Cheadle was great as he always is..but i still feel bad for Terrance Howard…he should have stayed in the role.

Sam Rockwell was the only part of the movie that i really didnt like..either he badly played the role..or it was written badly..or both.  I really respect him as an actor..was great in Moon ..but it seemed like he tried to hard to make Justin Hammer quirky and funny like Tony Stark..and just came off not as cool/hip or funny.   Sometimes it was just slightly awkward..its like watching someone who’s not naturally funny.try to be "that guy" thats really funny

Anyways..I loved it…and am lookin forward to num 3 and the Avengers.

BTW make sure to stay after the credits !

Date Night- not horrible, but only a couple good laughs

Im a fan of Tina Fey and Steve Carrel for sure…which is why i went to see Date Night (that and the showing of Losers i wanted to go to was sold out 🙂 ). 

The cast was actually pretty good too. a bit underused..but good, ..Common..Ray Liota, and a randomly shirtless Mark Wahlberg which was kinda funny.  This is one of those "safe" movies..you know the ones that families and young kids can go to and avoid any over the top jokes or anything really risky…so if you want a light hearted movie with a couple of laughs here and there..you’ll enjoy this.


Kick Ass- Wow walkin in thinkin young comedy- out thinkin Tarantino-esque action!

I really liked Kick Ass …it was surprisingly morbid, dark, funny..and really good.  I think the trailers..and the cast made me assume i’d be seein a kids kinda comedy…and i hope not too many parents took kids to see this!  It was definitely a hard R…flat out in your face violence and bloody scenes..i seriously felt like i was watching something from Tarantino at times…and it was GREAT!!

I have to point out..the COOLEST thing was that the soundtrack was AMAZING.  Im a big fan of good music and scores put to movie scenes..the use of "Surface of the Sun" throughout the movie during dramatic scenes was awesome–Go John Murphy! awesome composer

Go see this now..!